The Girl who waited.

My name is Amy Pond. I used to travel with a man called the Doctor, I used to be married to a man called Rory.

She's canon up to angels in manhattan and then instead of her going with Rory an other Amy did.

{I will write canon when wanted.} She is also up for crossover relationships... or any relationships :)

M!A : None. 18+


Travel articles next? //Amy&Female!Doctor//

Amy sat in her garden with a cup of tea and a pad of paper and a pen. She stared at the blank page before doodling in the right hand corner. Of course it was a TARDIS, but she’d never admit that. She wanted to try something new and was writing ideas of what she could do. She heard a noise and looked around. “Doctor?”

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    "Now you mention it… He is quite good looking. But I don’t think I’d go that far, he doesn’t seem the family type." The...
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    As the Doctor spoke Amy looked down at her nails and picked at them. “Hmm.” She said quietly, “Well we can find you a...