Oh Amy…


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Plot 78: Father of the Year

When Muse A’s significant other goes away on business (for several weeks/months), Muse A, a loving father, assumes full responsibility for Muse B, their only child. In addition to fatherly duties, they’re in charge of cleaning the house and cooking dinners, tasks typically performed by their spouse. Muse A is confident, however, that they can handle things for the time that their loved one is away and they’re looking forward to the opportunity to strengthen their bond with their darling daughter, Muse B. It isn’t until Muse A and Muse B get home from dropping Muse A’s spouse off at the airport and Muse B heads straight up to their room for privacy, that Muse A realizes that their daughter isn’t the little girl who likes to stand on her dad’s shoes to dance anymore. She’s a teenager who’s obsessed with social media and boys, and all sorts of things that Muse A has no clue about. Apart from the occasional encouraging phone call or video chat with their significant other, Muse A is on their own in looking after Muse B and they have to learn how to relate to their daughter all over again; awkward conversations and all.


"Alexander!" Amelia called out to her son as he ran towards the sea, ever since he learnt how to run she had no control over him. She sighed, she sat back on the matt she was on and watched him. Alexader started splashing in the water, and splashed a man who was stood by the sea. Amelia ran down. "Oh gosh I’m so sorry, I told you not to do that Alex, say you’re sorry." Alexander looked sheepish, "Sorry mr."

    Do As You’re Told || Doctor Who || Listen

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Amelia Pond… like a name in a fairytale.


Please choose your own favorite way to describe these gifs:

  • The Tenth Doctor putting on the Fifth Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on Peter Davison’s Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on his father-in-law’s coat
  • A Doctor Who fan putting on the coat belonging to one of his favorite Doctors
  • Father of The Doctor’s Daughter putting on the coat belonging to the father of The Doctor’s Daughter
  • Complete Doctor Who coat awesomeness



"Did it bite you?"





    “If you complain about it one
      more time, I will walk out. 

"I’m not complaining." Amelia scowled.
 ”You just didn’t warn me to not wear heals!!”